The Bengal cat is a hybrid house cat mixed with the Asian Leopard Cat and the American Tabby. Their origin was from America where breeders decided to breed the two cats. They are recorded by their generations in which the Leopard Cat is passed down. A 50% Bengal/ Leopard Cat is called an F1. It's second generation would be called an F2. Third: F3, and so forth.

Bengals can be breed with any tabby which changes the color of their fur. An example would be a Silver Tabby and an Asian Leopard Cat which creates a Silver Bengal. 


Ranger Bengal Felinus-Alexanderus

There are other varieties too and the most famous is the Brown Tabby Bengal shown to the picture to the left. 


Bengals are known for being half wild and need a lot of attention. If you cannot supply attention for your Bengal you should buy another cat to support each other. Usually if they don't get attention it would lead to WILD results.

Long Furred Bengal

Bengals like to open up doors and like to exchange toys regularly (Doesn't like to stick with one toy). Bengals like to attack and play fight and are super patient with little kids. They are very shy when they meet new people and are very LOYAL to their owners. The wild side in them make them smart and are quick to learn new things including training and walking. 

Health Problems

Bengals are immune to Feline Leukemia because of their Asian Leopard side of them. But they are known for being prone to Heart Disease. The Bengal's shedding level is half way and don't shed as much as other cats. Their energy level is on high and their adaptability as well.