About Betta Fish

Betta fish are known for their vibrant colors. The most common colors are blue and red, but they can be white with slight tints of pink. Popular among young children, they can be very playful and sweet.


Selecting Your Betta Fish

First of all, you want bright colors, not dull. The fish should be energetic, but a calm fish may just be resting. If it looks healthy, you have probably selected a good fish.

Caring for a Betta

  • Never put two male Betta fish in the same tank. If you think your fish is lonely, do some research on an African Dwarf Frog.
  • Make a nice home: Pebbles or decorations are always a nice touch to make your fish feel at home
  • Make sure to feed your Betta regularly, but watch out for signs of your Betta disliking your food. Spitting, or untouched food may mean that the food is too big, or it's a picky eater
  • Pellets are usually a good food choice for a Betta, but frozen bloodworms are great for a special occasion
  • Clean any untouched food
  • Make sure to keep your tank clean:
  1. Add a water dechlorinater
  2. Change the water
  • Play with your Betta

Have fun with your Betta Fish!


  • Betta fish like to swim fast. If you have a small tank swirl the tank so that there's a swirling current. The Betta will swim against it letting it excersize. Don't do this to older fish.