Fat flightless birds, bodies covered in feathers of varying color like black, white and browns. Their tails usually have long feathers and they strut around on talon like feet, their beaks have gobbles on the bottom. There are many different kinds.


Rooster 1 AB

Most enjoy walking around the enclosure, climbing onto perches and attempting to fly. When they eat, they peck their food, they will eat SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS. Just no avacado, it is poisonous to birds. Usually chickens have a "pecking order" and the highest rank in their scociety gets the best, usually the roosters are the "top chicken". Females lay eggs and don't need males to do so, however to reproduce they need males. Chickens will sometimes eat their own eggs, to stop this, put used golf balls in the nest. The chickens will peck but stop pecking, golf balls dont taste good.


Large coop


food and water dishes

nesting area