The common goldfish is a orangey-gold colored fish, they were bred from carp and can grow very big.  They are generally slightly chubby and have big mouths, there are lots of different varieties such as the black moor and the comet.  Some goldfish have white or black spots.



They tend to eat as much as they can, that leads to a lot of waste.  Goldfish are not "throw away" pets!  They can live up to twenty years and grow very big, they are quite the clowns of the fish tank,  some can be trained to suck pacifiers, some vacuum the gravel in the tank in search of food.  Sadly, most only live about five years due to bad ownership, REMEMBER TREAT YOUR GOLDFISH LIKE ANY OTHER FISH.  It deserves the respect!


  • large tank
  • filter
  • correct food
  • fish