MF M fish

The mosquito fish is a light tan to transparent fish with clear fins, it has the build of a guppie. The females are larger in size and have a large black spot in their lower abdomen called the gravid spot. Males have an extra fin that is long and pointy on their lower abdomen and are typically smaller.



Mosquito Fish

Mosquito fish eat mosquito larvea and are uncommon pets, they are usually used as feeder fish like guppies. They will eat any fish food small enough and LOVE bloodworms. It is best to keep males and females apart because males tend to harass females to death. Females GIVE BIRTH to LIVE YOUNG so many people think of them as a platypus of the coldblooded. Females are territorial so they will flare at mirrors and chase their reflections. They can survive with no food for fifteen days and thirty days if theres a plant the aquarium, making them a good pet for frequent travelers. They are hardy little fish and can withstand temeraturess other fish can't, they are cold water fish so they dontt need a heater. The average size for a mosquito fish is one to two inches and they live for about three years.


a gallon container

betta pellets

live plants

aquarium gravel

a mosquito fish

Pet Care


They will eat betta pellets, feed as much as the size of the head is. Feed them every three days in the winter and every other day in the summer, however they can go for long periods of time without food. One of their favorite treats is bloodworms, dead or alive.


Keep them in a tank a gallon or bigger, change the tank every one to two months as they dontt poo a lot, if algae starts growing put fish in another tank and scrub the algae off, when its dry wait a day so the remaining algae dies. Then put the fish back in with water and resume the usual.


You can teach these guys tricks... A basic one is "come here" Tap the back of the tank for the fish to come, if it comes reward it with a treat, petstoress sell fish treats and they shouldntt replace normal food. Come up with your own tricks, be creative!