Parakeets are cute, fluffy, little birds that look look like mini parrots. They come in LOADS of colors and can learn to talk. Their beady little eyes should shine in a healthy bird, and they strut around on stubby legs.


Parakeets enjoy flying around the cage and landing on perches, when placed in a busy environment Parakeets will get used to people and learn to speak. When they eat or drink they peck at it like most birds do and sleep on the highest perch, they like to be let out of their enclosure to fly about the room for exercise. Some people clip parakeet's wings. They enjoy toys in their cage as well since they don't like boredom.


  • large cage
  • food and water dish
  • perches
  • toys
  • bird

Pet Care

Things that could happen

Bloody beak

To treat this, place beak in lukewarm water, do it gently as not to hurt the bird. Lift the beak at ten second intervals to let the bird breathe. Within ten minute the bleeding should stop.