Pugs have large deep brown eyes, their ears flop down and their snouts look like they were smushed into the pug. They are apartment dogs so they are relatively small, their tail curls naturally. Their coloration ranges from black to VERY light grey. Usually they are depicted as chubby fat dogs.



Pug dog's behaviors range quite a bit, some are lazy and others chase things around the house twenty four seven. They are... Well, dogs although they may enjoy napping and eating a bit more than other dogs. When training a pug keep in mind : Have food will obey. Once they get attached to a person they follow them all over the place, when they come back from somewhere they bark happily, and wait at the bottom of the stairs for you. They sniff quite a bit and like to lick... Everything, all the time. When they breathe it sounds like a snort/snore/inhale.


Pugs have a bad rep for health problems, because of their smushed snout their air lube is somewhat caved in. Pugs do not breathe very well and develop allergies easily, their large eyes lead them to being blind later on in life. Because some people overfeed their pug, it may develop other problems.

Pet Care


Pugs should be fed twice a day, give food according to dog size. Some dogs need medication in their food, follow vet instructions. Treats should be given once in a while and for training, peanut butter is a good monthly treat, dontt overfeed!


Should be a medium size, bed padding on the bottom, tall enough for a pug to stand in.