The Great Pyrenees is a dog named after a mountain range in Europe.  Their coloration ranges a lot, and some have spots.  Their head is wedge shaped and they have a very furry tail.  Some Pyrenees grow up to a meter tall as they are a very big dog.



The Pyrenees is a very loyal dog that is devoted to its family, it's very gentle with family and children but is somewhat wary of strangers.  It is a independent dog and owners must be firm but calm.  They need rules so the owner has to set rules that they must stick to and follow.  Oddly, they are good with non dog animals and love cats.


  • large cage or a large house or yard so that the dog will have a lot of space to fun around. 
  • food and water dishes
  • proper food including raw meat which this type of dog prefers the most.