What the Shell is Wrong with my Turtle

Have you noticed white fungal growth on your turtle's shell? How about soft spots and dents? These are all symptoms of shell rot, it is not one species of bacteria or fungus, it is caused when a crack in the shell occurs and germs go into the tissue. This often occurs to aquatic species like the Red Eared Slider Turtle but it can also happen to tortoises like Box Turtles.


Shell rot!!!?

For mild cases of shell rot have in hand:

mild soap

a old toothbrush

step one: Apply mild soap to toothbrush, then rub onto turtles shell, stay away from the head unless absolutely necisary. Rub until all white spots and growths are gone.

step two: The shell should heal on its own, if it doesntt, bring the turtle to the vet. If the case is so bad that theress a deep dent in the turtle then bring it to the vet! Removing that much stuff from its shell can be VERY painful for the turtle and should be done under amnesia.